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Green Dream Vase

Green Dream Vase

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Springtime brings with it an explosion of color as the world comes back to life. Gardens bloom, and trees fill out with lush leaves. This is the time of year when our Green Dream Vase shines brightest. Soft, velvety green and yellow flowers mix with vibrant green branches to create a pretty oasis. 

What makes this flower vase so special? There are three things in particular:

  • The colors are absolutely gorgeous. The green is so fresh and lively, while the yellow adds a touch of cheerfulness and sunlight. 

  • The mix of different textures creates interest and depth. The velvety petals of the flowers contrast nicely with the crispness of the leaves. 

  • This flower vase is surprisingly versatile. It can brighten up any room, whether it's used as a centerpiece for a dinner party or as a simple way to show your loved ones how much you care. 

If you're looking for a flower vase that epitomizes the beauty of spring, look no further than our Green Dream Vase. With its lovely colors, interesting textures, and versatility, it will surely add more character and spark to any room you place it in. Plus, its amazing fragrance will quickly lighten up your mood - so go ahead and treat yourself or someone else today!


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Flower Care Tips

If the arrangement comes in a Basket or Flower Box or other container with a floral foam:

Add some water every 2-3 days. Floral foam retains water and keeps the stems of the flowers hydrated while in the arrangement. Fresh cut flowers need fresh and plenty of water to stay fresh and vibrant. The key to long-lasting flowers in a floral arrangement is to make sure the foam stays moist.

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