Q#1: For what reason can the delivery of my order be held up?

Reply: Customers  might encounter delays because of Coronavirus - 19 safety protocols.. Sorry for the delay!

Q#2: Where do you deliver?

Reply: We Deliver In Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County.

Q#3: Do you offer same day delivery? Is there a cut off time?

Reply: Yes, we offer offer same day delivery. 12:00pm EST would be the cut off time.

Q#4: How long after I place my order can I cancel my order ?

Reply: Once an order is placed we do not offer any cancelation of that order.

Q#5: Can I remove/add any items I purchase for my order ? Either being delivered or picked up?

Reply: Once an order has been submitted it cannot be modified in any way. You would have to place and additional order and there would be no refund on the previous order.

Q#6: If I placed an order on line or by phone and it was canceled .  What is the best way to find out what happened?

Reply: There are variety of reasons for why your order that was submitted  might have been canceled. For accuracy please contact us @ (754) 715-4307

Q#7: Could I at any point track my orders on mobile or desktop ?

Reply: Yes, you can track your order online either mobile or desktop.