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Happy Women’s Day Flowers

International Women's Day comes very soon, and it’s time to choose a bouquet for your beloved woman. Spring symbolizes warmth, awakening, joy, hope, and smiles. So, every lady on this day strives to be the most desired and beautiful! On the eve of March 8, men exhaust themselves in search of gifts for loved ones, girlfriends, relatives, and colleagues. There are many options for what to present on that day, but one tradition remains unchanged: the most popular present is flowers. Depending on tastes and preferences, a bouquet of flowers for March 8 can be huge, luxurious, or elegant, and miniature, made up of seasonal or exotic flowers. Professionals of Lily’s Bloom Boutique know all the trends of 2023 and prepare perfect bouquets for the most sophisticated clients.

International Women’s Day Gifts

Our florists adore March 8 and help make this day unforgettable for many happy women. It’s time to let the fantasy fly and create beauty. Every year, millions of men give flowers on March 8. They buy various bouquets from the very morning in flower markets and shops.

What can melt women’s hearts - is the central question of the day. And that’s why you should offer flowers at Lily’s Bloom Boutique:

  • We offer the best options for compositions that will not leave you indifferent. Your beloved woman will never forget such a royal bouquet.

  • Our florists put their soul into each composition to create something truly unique.

  • The Lily’s Bloom Boutique assortment offers many original bouquets and flower arrangements for March 8, so you will find the right one for your lady.

Your beloved woman will definitely appreciate this.

Best Flowers on 8 March in our Assortment

Of course, you need to appreciate and love your women every day of the year, but it so happened historically that March 8 is the very day on which any woman is waiting for flowers. 

What flowers are best to buy on the eighth of March?

Considering the range of flowers in our store, buying a bouquet can be difficult, especially for men who really want to please their women. Let's figure out what flowers are best to present to the ladies on this joyful day.

  • No doubt, roses will never go out of style. Thus, on this spring holiday, men give women roses of pastel shades. 

  • A bouquet of tulips for her symbolizes tenderness, true love, and spring. Breeders have grown many varieties of tulips-terry, lily-shaped, peony-shaped, of various colors and shades.

  • March 8 is the day when a bouquet of mimosas delights almost every woman's eye.  Delicate fragrance and bright color make mimosa just a great gift. And if you have a lot of female employees, you can always present each with a branch - it will be exquisite, and the ladies will appreciate it.

  • Orchids - such a gift is good because it will please women for a very long time. We will arrange them in a beautiful bouquet, and you will make a lasting impression.

  • Lilies are genuinely royal flowers, perfect for gifting your queens and princesses.

  • A good solution would be a bouquet of peonies; these spring flowers on March 8 are also trendy.

Ordering flowers from the comfort of your home is easy: you must fill out an application on the website. There you can also add your text to the card. 

We give the spring mood to the most loved together with you! All bouquets and flower arrangements presented in Lily’s Bloom Boutique catalog are created from fresh flowers, as we cooperate only with the best suppliers. Lily’s Bloom Boutique guarantees high quality because the key to our success is not only the delivery of bouquets precisely on time. We aim to deliver joy to your loved ones; that's why you chose us.