Local Flower Delivery Service by Lily's Bloom Boutique

Flowers Delivery Service

At Lily's Bloom Boutique, we’re committed to delivering your floral sentiments on time and with the utmost care. We offer personalized delivery services within Boca Raton and to the surrounding areas, ensuring your gift arrives perfectly presented, whether near or far. On this page, you'll find all you need to know about our delivery fees, distances, and how we work to bring your floral messages to life.

Delivery Fees and Guidelines

Streamlined Delivery Pricing

Our delivery fee structure is designed for clarity and fairness, serving both Boca Raton and its surrounding areas.

  • Delivery within 5 miles: Free
  • Beyond 5 miles: $5 base fee plus $1.50 per mile for the entire distance.

Example Calculation

For example, if you're sending flowers to an address that is 10 miles from our boutique, the fee would be calculated as follows:

  • Distance fee: 10 miles x $1.50/mile = $15
  • Total Delivery Fee: $15 (distance fee) + $5 (base fee) = $20

This pricing model ensures transparency and fairness for all deliveries, whether within Boca Raton or to neighboring communities.

Delivery Hours

Our delivery service operates from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. These hours are designed to offer convenience and flexibility for your flower delivery needs in Boca Raton and beyond.

Special Delivery Requests

For unique delivery requirements or for deliveries outside our standard hours and zones, please don't hesitate to contact us at (754)715-4307. We're here to accommodate your special needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Scheduling Your Delivery

To schedule a flower delivery, simply select your desired arrangement, add it to your cart, and choose the delivery date and time during checkout. We deliver from 10 am to 6 pm and confirm all delivery details via email or text message once your order is placed.

Ready to send a beautiful floral arrangement with trusted delivery from Lily's Bloom Boutique?

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