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How to take Care of Flowers

Enhance your floral experience with these care tips to ensure your flowers remain vibrant and beautiful for an extended period:

Preserved Flower Care

  • Stay Dry: Preserve the beauty of your flowers by shielding them from moisture. Neither the petals nor the box should come in contact with water. Rest assured, if you've chosen preserved flowers from Lily’s Bloom Boutique, we've taken care of the packaging to ensure their longevity.
  • Ideal Humidity: Keep flowers with special hues away from areas with high humidity, like pools, baths, and saunas. An optimal humidity level of 60-80% is ideal for these unique blossoms.
  • Gentle Sunlight: Protect your flowers from direct sunlight, as it can lead to color fading and hasten the drying process. Maintain a temperature range of +5 to +35 °C for optimal conditions.
  • Safe Transport: When moving preserved flowers, use proper packaging to safeguard them from damage, temperature changes, and frostbite in sub-zero conditions.

Flower Arrangement Care

  • Oasis Freshness: Leave flowers in their special oasis floral foam to maintain their freshness.
  • Hydration Ritual: Water your flower arrangement daily, or even twice a day in dry and warm environments. Adjust frequency based on humidity levels—use settled room-temperature water, just like for regular bouquets.
  • Leaf Refresh: Spritz the arrangement with water to remove dust from leaves, avoiding direct contact with flower buds.
  • Preferred Conditions: Shield the arrangement from direct sunlight, drafts, excessive heat, or freezing temperatures. This is particularly crucial when heating appliances are present.

Flower Bouquet Care

  • Please do not unwrap your bouquet upon receipt. Our carefully crafted arrangements are best enjoyed when left in their original wrapping for a few hours. This helps maintain their freshness and beauty.
  • Water Elixir: Place your bouquet in a water-filled container, ensuring about a third of the stem is submerged in clean, cold water.
  • Precision Cut: Trim the flower stems at a 45° angle using a sharp knife or pruning tool. Immerse them in water promptly to extend their lifespan.
  • Daily Nourishment: Refresh the vase water daily or replace it entirely for optimal freshness.
  • Ideal Spot: Avoid placing the bouquet near radiators, air conditioners, or windowsills. Protect your flowers from heat, drafts, and direct sun exposure.

At Lily’s Bloom Boutique, our team diligently maintains the quality and freshness of our flowers, aiming to ensure that the joy they bring lasts as long as possible. Your floral delight is our utmost priority!

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