Fresh Flowers Care

Fresh Flowers Care

A bouquet always remains a pleasant memory of an event, whether it is a birthday or a professional holiday. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people try to keep such signs of attention fresh and beautiful for a longer time, but only some succeed. And there are some secrets that you should know about, especially since proper care does not require special skills.

If the flowers come as a Hand-Tied Bouquet:

  • Unpack the bouquet
  • Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle using clippers.
  • Fill a vase with ¾ clean, cool (60 - 65 degrees) water.
  • Remember to change the water every few days
  • Place the bouquet in a cool place with fresh air.
  • Feel free to call our experts if you have any questions or need professional advice.

To maintain the freshness and vibrancy of arrangements in containers with floral foam, for example, baskets or flower boxes, you need to add water every 2–3 days. It helps the floral foam retain water and keeps the stems hydrated, promoting the longevity of the flowers. Regularly replenishing the water ensures that the foam remains saturated, providing a continuous source of moisture for the flowers. By keeping the foam moist, you significantly contribute to the overall freshness and beauty of the arrangement. Make it a routine to check and add water to the container regularly, ensuring the floral foam stays hydrated, and your flowers continue to radiate their beauty for an extended period.

Preserved Roses Care

Care for an exclusive souvenir will not require much time and will be as simple and convenient as possible for its owner. Let's list what needs to be done:

  • Watering or spraying a flower with water is strictly prohibited;
  • It is better to store a rose in a flask away from ultraviolet radiation, do not leave it in the sun;
  • Often it is not worth getting a bud from under the flask since regular mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations can shorten the life of a stabilized flower.
  • Periodically remove dust from the glass flask;
  • It is best to use either a soft brush or a barely damp flannel cloth to care for the flask.
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